Swift, shadowy monk


Layla is a short, curvy human with pale, reflective skin the color of white marble (no, literally, she has an alabaster complexion). She is quiet but good-natured, and far more inclined to actions than words.

As a native of the Underdark (well, technically the Upperdark, but she won’t admit that to surface folk!), she is exceptionally curious about the surface world, albeit a bit nervous around certain things like the noon sun, rain, clouds, horses and other pack animals, chickens, wizards, clerics, and drow. In her comparatively brief sojourn, she has taken up an uncanny liking for baked goods (especially sweet rolls), coffee, and cooked meat.

Layla greatly enjoys music, striking up a fast friendship with Kestrel, the party bard, for his enjoyable infernal tunes. She enjoys Tas’s martial nature, and thinks she likes Natasha’s ability to attract attention… all the better for her to sneak up on the party’s enemies unnoticed.


New to Harenton, Layla arrived recently with Caravan Joe and his donkeys. Rumor has it that she helped the caravan master stave off a bandit attack, for which deed she has earned the trust of Dale the Waukeenar.

Layla currently lives at the inn, and works part-time as a courier for Callista.


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