Theo Firstborn

Mage of Illusion


There are rumors that before he came to Herenton, Theo was a successful rogue who never had to demean himself by picking pockets – he followed the fine tradition of thieving from nobility, and was brought in by the Founder. Nobody is quite sure what precise crime she caught him committing, but he’s here now, and seems quite content.

There are also rumors that his full name is Theophilus, but he’s never confirmed or denied this, either.

Theo is generally well-liked in Herenton, as he enjoys hanging out in the tavern telling illusion-enhanced stories and entertaining the common folk – more-or-less pretending to be a bard. He doesn’t really have a problem using illusion to manipulate people for the greater good, though, so some of the other more stuffy mages in the Lyceum view him as ethically slippery and not really one to trust too far.

Theo Firstborn

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