Welcome to Herenton and The Lyceum Argentum!

modron_.jpgHerenton is a small town, barely more than a village, about a day and a half off the main trade road north of Athkatla. It’s north of the Cloud Peaks, east of the ruins of Durlag’s Tower, and west of the Snakewood. It began as a small mage’s college, the home of the Lyceum Argentum, and slowly grew to attract tradespeople, other religious and military orders, and ordinary townsfolk who wanted to live someplace less busy than Athkatla.

The Lyceum Argentum is a collection of wizards, and their allies, all focused on the task of restoring faith in Mystra’s Weave of Magic. Headed by Founder Hidayah, the college also seeks to spread the safety of Torm and extinguish the threats of Bane and Cyric at all costs.

In the past, bandits, orcs, and wild beasts harried the forming village. Now Herenton faces a new threat since stabilizing itself as a tradetown; Modrons systematically and relentlessly attack the newfound town, trying to “help” make the village perfect.

Welcome to a land of opportunity…

The Penance of Duty

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