The Penance of Duty

Sleeping Kobolds and Sweet Rolls
Or, How we found a gnome artificer

After arriving in Harenton under a variety of means and for a plethora of purposes, the party (Tas the goliath barbarian, Natasha the aasimar paladin, Kestrel the halfling bard, and Layla the human monk) joined forces to track down a mysterious gnome artificer who had been scheduled to report for duty at the mages’ college a few days earlier. Presumed dead along the road, the gnome was supposed to have valuable intel which might be of use in the ongoing battle against the modron invaders. So our motley crew took to the roads, armed with only their wits, their weapons, and a wagon drawn by horses of doubtful health, and went to find him.

Along the way, they encountered a band of kobolds who were intent on roasting them alive, or at least turning them into humanoid pin cushions. Naturally, our heroes weren’t standing for that, and quickly rallied to fight the onslaught:

  • Tas excelled at attracting attention and gaining the enmity (and back stabs) of several kobolds in melee;
  • she was joined by Natasha, who quickly identified the disadvantage her myopic comrades had in the darkness, and turned her shield into a beacon of light, terrifying the kobolds;
  • meanwhile, Kestrel danced nimbly around the feet of his taller comrades, playing a hauntingly soporific melody which soon dropped the kobold leader into a dreamless sleep;
  • this allowed Layla to charge forth and dispatch him, while Tas made short work of the rest of the party’s foes.
    When only one kobold remained, Natasha made the eloquent argument that perhaps discretion was the better part of valor. The kobold fled, leaving our party clear to depart towards a nearby mining town.

At the town, Kestrel quickly determined that the gnome the party was seeking was in fact in the mine. The party repaired underground and located him, and after a brief bout of confusion involving halfling interpretations of holy hymns to Garl Glittergold, convinced him to return to the surface and head back to Harenton.

DING! We’re all level 2!

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