Kestrel Four-Winds

Halfling Bard and Religious/Planar researcher




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Kestrel hails from a nomadic collective of Hin(what the halflings call themselves[what, you think a race of people would actually want to be called “Halflings”?]) tribes and families called The Four Winds. Members of The Four Winds join voluntarily and can leave at any time. There are four main branches, called Winds, each corresponding to the direction the Wind travels.

To any passerby, a Lightfoot claiming she’d been “following the winds for years” or that he had “chased the wind east” might seem like poetic language, and we see no reason to disillusion them.


Kestrel’s parents met while traveling with the North Wind, when his mother Feryn saved the life of his father Orra. Feryn, an avid worshiper or Arvoreen, was working as a mounted guard when the caravan was ambushed by raiders. The two became inseparable, and soon after Kestrel Northwind was born.

The entirety of The Four Winds meet once every two years for a Celebration, for a Hin harvest holyday in honor of Yondalla and her children, both godly and mortal.

Each Wind selects their leader – “The North/East/South/West Wind” – through a majority vote at the conclusion of these celebrations. The prospective candidates spends the tenday-long festivities expressing loudly and often where and how the Wind should spend the years to come. One year to get there, one year to get back, and if your Wind is hosting the next Celebration: two years to plan.

Kestrel has spent at least two years travelling with each Wind, and as such has earned the title and name “Four-Winds”

Eventually like all of his kin Kestrel desired something new, and set out on his own. He passed through Herenton one night while pleasantly lost after taking a road he’d never taken before.

Kestrel found a nice hayloft to sleep in, but spent a sleepless night hiding from skeleton laborers. After such an interesting night, how could he not stay and see what else this small town had to offer?

When strange mechanical beings attacked the town the next day, Kestrel knew he was going to stay.

At least for now.

In order to join the community, Kestrel has made a living primarily with his music and his spellcasting. He has also held several short term positions volunteering and helping about town, especially at centers of study or faith. He now works with the Silver Strings, a group of bards loyal to Oghma, and has since taken up residence with them.

Kestrel made an unlikely ally in the form of Yalon Tenebrae. Given Yalon’s exotic appearance and his cavalier style of spellcasting, Kestrel was immediately curious. One night, during a class where Yalon summoned an infernal being, Kestrel surprised Yalon by asking “Is there music where you are from?” in the beings own language. The two spoke after the lecture blah blah falling asleep more tomorrow.

Though not widely known to the town, Kestrel has built and maintained a number of shrines and altars to a number of gods both Hin and otherwise both in town in the surrounding area. Kestrel will often write an experience or thought down and leave it at a shrine or altar to a deity if he feels it corresponds to the ideals of that faith.

Kestrel Four-Winds

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