Salamah el Arhapan

Mage of Divination


Salamah has the bronzed skin, hooked nose, and dark eyes that are common in his native Calimshan, and still dresses as though he’s home in Calimport. He is particularly scholarly, with an Ivory Tower sort of background – he’s not noble, but he came from a wealthy family that could afford to let him spend all his time in academic pursuits. One might expect him to incline towards condescension, given his background and sphere of magic (damn diviners never being wrong…), but he is surprisingly humble and very kind. He’s never insulted by having his divinations questioned, but he doesn’t ever seem to understand why someone wouldn’t just believe him.

He follows the Sun Lord, Amaunator, and his personal focus is on the rebirth of magic after the Spellplague, and helping other wizards learn to overcome their fears of using the Weave. He uses primarily liquids for divination, scrying in pools of whatever liquid he has to hand (which makes for awkward breakfast meetings, when Salamah borrows your coffee to see what the day might hold).

Salamah el Arhapan

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