Tas Vængi Kannar


Tas Vængi is a goliath from the mountains south of Herenton. Besides her height, her most notable feature is her skin, which resembles grey stone with darker streaks throughout – marble or jasper or something – with faint scars here and there. Her hair is white, and she wears it shaved on the sides and braided back. She wears simple, plain traveler’s clothes, but seems to take pride in her jewelry – a griffin claw on a braided leather necklace, carved bone earrings, and, on fancy days when she doesn’t expect to need to be sneaky, beads braided into her hair.

She’s known to be on friendly terms with Alban, in whose company she first entered the town – along with a cohort of skeletons. She tolerates Salamah better than most, seeming fascinated by not only his cultural background but also the way he encourages the fledgling mages of the town to develop their skills. She can often be found in Magistra’s company.

She spends much of her time out hunting for the town, carving intricate designs into bones, and participating in Modron Day battles. Her primary fighting style uses a warhammer and shield, and she is distinctive among the town’s protectors in that she wears no armor.

If the bare skin of her back is ever exposed, acute observers will notice a very large scar across her shoulders.

Tas Vængi Kannar

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