Tobias Cunornion

Priest in Herenton's Temple of Mystra


A half-elf from Cormyr, Tobias has spent the last few years living and working as a member of a Mystran order in Athkatla. He has occasionally gone adventuring with his elven father, but for the most part, his priestly calling has been his life’s work. He got wind of a Mystran organization being founded by a follower of Torm out here in Herenton, and thought that perhaps the Mystran church ought to be represented.

He can be condescending to those without what he considers a basic level of intelligence or learning, but he does try to help them learn; however, he’s particularly compassionate to those without magical or intellectual capabilities, but who still attempt to learn about it. He considers ignorance to be a cardinal sin, so if you’ve chosen that path, he has no time or patience for you.

Tobias Cunornion

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