Temple of Mystra

There’s really only one proper temple in Herenton, and it’s dedicated to Mystra, goddess of magic. Built of white stone that was probably summoned, rather than imported over land, the temple is relatively humble in aspect – it has one main floor and a short tower with the priest’s living quarters.

Inside, the main space is one large room with book-lined walls and intricately runed pillars. There are a few common magic items scattered around, along with magical toys that are available for loan – they want the locals to be comfortable and familiar with magic. In the back of the building, there are separate lecture halls for discussions about magic, and downstairs there’s a ritual circle and a more serious library, with a shrine to Oghma.

Prior to the regularly-scheduled Modron attacks, the Mystrans held magic parties approximately once a month, to educate the populace about magic and Mystra in a fun and family-friendly sort of way.

Because Mystra is technically a Neutral god, her temple is technically a place of political and religious neutrality. This means that occasionally followers of non-Good deities come to visit, to learn and study and possibly worship. So far, this has happened twice that the townfolk and priest will mention – once with a follower of Shar, that ended badly for everyone but the Sharran, and once with a follower of Tempus. It seems that all faiths are at least tolerated within the temple, except those of Bane, Cyric, and apparently Shar.

Temple of Mystra

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